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Contribute the Yolo County Republican Party

Without contributions from individuals, businesses, and political action committees, the work of the Yolo County Republican Party cannot be done.

Typically, because of their long-term incumbency in elected offices, the Democratic Party has access to funding from unions, industry associations, and high-wealth liberal individuals. In any one election, the Democratic Party and each of their candidates have a war-chest of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. In addition to campaign contributions, incumbents have paid staff that work by day and volunteer by night. This gives them huge advantage and is one of the major reasons Republicans have difficulty winning elections.

If you are concerned with the direction government is taking us, consider becoming a financial patron of the Yolo County Republican Party. We Support Republican candidates and causes in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, Winters, Clarksburg, the Capay Valley and through out Yolo County California

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