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What We Are About

The Yolo County Republican Party is the official arm of the Republican Party in Yolo County and oversees and represents the party’s interests in our county. The county party is governed by the Yolo County Republican Central Committee, which is, in turn, headed up by an Executive Committee. Membership on the Central Committee is open to all registered Republicans who reside in Yolo County, and can be obtained either through election or by appointment.

Mission Statement

We Support Republican candidates and causes in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento, Winters, Clarksburg, the Capay Valley and through out Yolo County California

Our Republican Tradition

The Republican Party, also known by our nickname – the Grand Old Party (GOP), has a rich history dating back to the mid-1800’s. Established as an anti-slavery party, the GOP rose to prominence when our Presidential nominee, Abraham Lincoln, was elected President of the United States in 1860.

The Republican Party believes in limited government, personal liberty, a strong national defense, a world-class education system, and energy independence, among other things. We believe each individual American, not their government, knows what is best for them and should have the freedom and ability to make their own choices.

Executive Committee

Dan Brown

Ray Perez

Brent Vann

Carolyn Madsen

Sylvia Marchi-Glynn

Jim Fein

What We Value

Educational Choice — the best learning environment for each student

Economic Opportunity — regardless of an individual’s demographics

Less Government Oversight and Interference — constitutional rights and self-determination

Family Before Government — the family unit is where we teach our children moral values

Safe Neighborhoods — free from crime and harassment

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