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Volunteer to Walk Precincts

A map of yolo county with the number 7 5 in each region.

Throughout the year, and as we approach elections, we need to educate, survey, and disseminate information to voters and supporters, regarding local issues and candidates. We need volunteers who are willing to help us walk our precincts in Yolo County, to reach voters and supporters, in order to get our word out.

We need your help!

As a volunteer, you will asked to signup to walk specific precincts in Yolo County, during certain shifts or time frames. You will contacted by a Volunteer Coordinator, who will coordinate activities, provide you training, and will answer your questions.

This is an important need, as active precincts represent an active and informed voter base. Help use inform voters by walking our precincts.

Fill out the form below and you will be contacted

    Hope to see you at a precinct near you soon!

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