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As you know, California’s loose election laws are allowing for a large number of voting fraud to occur across the state. The work of the bi-partisan group, the Election Integrity Project, and the earlier lawsuit against the State of California, has caused a lot of eyes and hands to focus on how to identify and fix the problem. We are encouraging Yolo County Voters who are interested, to join the local efforts that are starting up, to help improve our voting process and detour fraud.

We need your help!

Volunteers will be working with groups outside of the Yolo County Republican Party, and will spend time observing the voter office and voting locations, according to official California Law, in order to help clean up the voter roles, and to ensure the process happens as it should, in order to give fraudsters less to work with.

If you are interested, please fill out and submit the form below

    A project member will contact you shortly. Thank you for your efforts to improve our election integrity here in Yolo County!

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